10 of January of 2019

The cattle raising company  NUGASUR-PROVIMI did during the days 26th and 27th of november 2018, a training about milk goats nutrition.

These training was a theoretical and practical technical formation. The theoretical training had place in Hotel Beatriz, where main challenges in goat sector were discussed, like the increase in proteins eficiency for small ruminants and the energetic use.


Practical content was a direct visit to goat farms of Capritema S.L., in the municipality of Consuegra (Toledo), and the properties of a partner from UNIPROCA in Alberche del Caudillo (Castilla La Mancha, Spain).


In total, the assistents were seven people with a technical-sales profile: Manuel Romero Huelva (UNIPROCA); Alfredo Fernández, Manuel Salazar, and Paco Linares (NUGASUR-PROVIMI); Rob Hulshof (PROVIMI); Isabel Moreno (Agrocabello); and Angel Cañizares and Bartolomé González (Comercial Cañizares).

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