•  Implementation  of new  “low emission”  methods  in agriculture and farming with a transformational impact.


•   Reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in citrus and rice crops through the recovery instead of incineration of the generated waste.


•  Reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in enteric fermentation of the dairy goat farming through the use of new lowcarbon feed.


• To  contribute  in  the implementation  and   development  of  a  new legislation in  mitigation of climate change, in line with the  EU policies.


• To  demonstrate  and validate  a new model of sustainable, replicable and transferable business based on agricultural waste recycling.



•   To demonstrate the technical-economic viability of the waste management (citrus and rice straw) for its recovery in feed for ruminants in order to reduce GHG emissions.


•   To demonstrate the technical-economic viability of the production of a new feed for ruminants base on agricultural waste.


•  To demonstrate the nutritional characteristics, enviromental benefits and the reduction of GHG emissions through the LCFeed use in goat farming.


•   Validation of the new product. LCFeed, in the market: acceptation of the customers and viability against its competitors for quality and price.


•   Creation and implementation of new policies in a local and regional scale, with influence in European policies.


•   To develop a plan that allows the replicability of the project in other Europeas countries.


•   To disseminate the results of the project to skateholders and general public in order to report and increase the awareness.


•   Monitoring of the obtained results in the project in order to achieve the indicators that allows an efficient evaluation of the results.



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