Project Deliverables
Action D.A.1.1.
Animal ethics report
Action D.A.1.2.
Descriptive and photographic report on the adequacy of farm
Action D.A.1.3.
Action plan for demonstration of goat feeding
Action D.C.1.1.
Logistic plan for collection and transport of agricultural waste
Action D.C.1.2a.
Report of ratios and parameters obtained from rice collection and transport
Action D.C.1.2b.
Report of ratios and parameters from citrus prunning waste
Action D.C.1.3.
Management plan for citrus prunning waste
Action D.C.2.1.
Reception, storage, formulation and production plan
Action D.C.2.2.
Project of changes and adaptations of the production plan
Action D.C.2.3.
Production indicators report
Action D.C.3.1.
Pesticide control report
Action D.C.3.2.
Report of results, indicators and biomarkers from the demonstrations
Action D.C.4.1.
LCCitrus Pruning sustainability plan
Action D.C.4.2.
LCCitrus sustainability plan
Action D.C.4.3.
Low Carbon Feed sustainability plan
Action D.C.5.1.
Proposals for the modification of the agricultural aid of the CV. rural development program 2014-2020 relating to the cultivation of rice
Action D.C.5.2.
Management plan for citrus prunning waste
Action D.C.5.3. Part I.
Management plan for rice straw of the Albufera in the municipality of València
Action D.C.5.3. Part II.
Management plan for rice straw of the Albufera in the municipality of València
Action D.C.5.4.
Multi-purpose objectives and results report
Action D.C.5.5.
Policies to improve the circular economy in Italy; rice and citrus waste
Action D.C.6.1.
Low Carbon Feed market access strategy in Italy
Action D.C.6.2.
Low Carbon Feed replicability and transferability plan
Action D.C.6.3.
Report on european financing opportunities and its applications
Action D.D.1.1a.
Measuring protocol. Environmental indicators
Action D.D.1.1b.
Measuring protocol. Socioeconomic indicators
Action D.D.1.2.
Report of indicators
Action D.D.1.3.
Final report of indicators
Action D.D.2.
Life cycle analysis report
Action D.D.3.
Socio-economic impact report
Action D.E.1.
Video, website, newsletters and other materials disclosures
Action D.E.2.
Layman's report
Action D.E.3.
Rolling displays, informative panels and brochures
Action D.E.4.
Networking report with other projects and dissemination
Action D.E.5.1.
Conference and Green Weeks report
Action D.E.5.2.
Communication report in media and publications
Action D.F.1.1.
Partnership agreements
Action D.F.1.2.
Management committee constitutive act
Action D.F.1.3.
Technical, administrative and financial management documents
Action D.F.3.
After LIFE Plan
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