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Cookies are used, for example, to remember users’ preferences on the website (language, browser used, etc.), to analyse user habits and behaviours to improve the services on offer, and to tailor the content of a web page to visitors’ preferences.

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WAYS OF BLOCKING AND LIMITING THE USE OF COOKIES: It is important to emphasize that these technologies are not intrusive, as all the information obtained via the cookies is completely anonymous and on no account can it be associated with a specific and identified user. This information enables Valencia City Council to adapt and improve its services for the benefit of its users. However, users have the option of preventing the generation of cookies, by selecting the corresponding option on their browser programmes. Valencia City Council hereby informs you that, in the event that the use of the cookies is disabled, your browsing may be slower than usual.

More specifically, all browsers allow changes to be made to disable the cookie settings. These settings are located in the “options” or “preferences” menu of your browser.

Below we show you, by means of links, how to disable cookies by following the instructions of the most commonly used browsers:

However, if you wish to block Google’s analytical cookies, you can install an add-on on your browser, by following the instructions indicated in the following link.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Any user who has any queries with regard to these technologies can send us said query via our contact form available on this website.

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