TV channel La 1
23 of January of 2020

Special reference to the project in Agroesfera program from La 1 on the occasion of climate summit 2019.

Carlos Fernández, partner from project LIFE Low Carbon Feed, has explained in the programm Agrosfera the keys for the new feed for rumiants “We have been removing part of barley and replace it by rice straw and citric leaves”.

This way, the result is recycle and reuse sub-products which are being burned currently and polluting environment. All this without reduce productivity or livestocks well-being.

Also, with this diet change has been shown a reduction between an 8 and 22% emissions of methane. A great progress in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions.

With its comercialization not only achieve an environmental demonstrated benefit but an economic profit which is able to meet high costs like collection and transportation of straw and citric waste.

The project, coordinated by La Unió De Llauradors, deals this year with its last phase, looking towards the farmers whom seek for innovation and sustainability.

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