1.- Recovery of 69.43 tons of citrus waste and 18.37 tons of rice straw for its conversion into feed reducing 100% of GHG emissions (equals 176 Tn CO2)

2.- Obtainment of a complete compound feed pellet for ruminants (LCFEED) based on citrus and rice wastes with an evaluated price of less than 250 €/Tn 

3.- Obtainment of a complementary feed for ruminants based on citrus leaves (LCCITRUS) with an evaluated starting price of less than 120 /Tn 

4.- Local Plan of the Citrus Waste Management in the municipality of La Vall d’Uixó

5.- Local Plan of the Rice Straw Waste Management in the municipality of Valencia



6.- Reduction of between 8% and 22% of GHG emissions in the digestion process of the goats through the use of novel foods: LCCITRUS and LCFEED



7.- Testing in situ and positive validation of both products (LCCITRUS and LCFEED) on various goat farms

8.- Seven agreements and/or letters of interest from Valencian citrus cooperatives to supply citrus pruning to a processing company

9.- Three Business Plans with viability greater than 20% of the IRR

10.- Three Sustainability Plans (Business Plans, Environmental Plans and Social Plans) for the two innovative products

11.- A contract to manufacture the LCCITRUS product between the Onda citrus cooperative and the company Agroplus S.L.



.-  Modification of the Policy about the Conditionality in the Comunidad Valenciana

12.-  Proposal for the Modification of the Rural Development Plan (RDP) on Agro-environmental aid in the Valencian Community



13.- Agreements and signature of 18 letters of interest by different actors in the process at European level (Spain, Italy, France and Greece)



14.- Impact of communication actions greater than 11 million listeners, viewers and readers.


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