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Citrus leaves- UPV Investigation
03 of December of 2018

UPV published the past 8th of november the scientific article “Use of orange leaves as a replacement for alfalfa in energy and nitrogen partitioning, methane emission and milk performance of Munciano-Granadina goats”.


The attendees involved were professors from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia’s Animal Science department – profesor Carlos Fernández, José Vicente Martí, Ion Pérez-Baena and José Luis Palomares-, as well as members from the technological Company Heliotec S.L. – technical manager José V. Segarra and industrial engeneer Juan Jorro-
The article explores the results of the nutrition with citrus leaves for lactating goats of the murciano-granadina breed. It appears that the goats are adjusting well and the mathane emisions have been reduced. The investigation has allowed to obtain the nutritional value of the citrus leaves and the formulation of the rations of the LowCarbonFeed Project.

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