International Livestock Fair FIGAN
25 of March of 2019

On 21th March of 2019 took place on Zaragoza (Spain) the International Livestock Fair FIGAN, which was attended by M. Romero and J. Castro as representants from the LIFE LCF project.


They visited different companies related to the project, mainly related to livestock feeding, using for dissemination the material made by l’Ajuntament de La Vall d’Uixò (La Vall d’Uixò City Council).

The selected companies encompassed the economic sectors of food production from subproducts, feed making and distribution, and livestock technology. 

Different companies were interested on project LCFEED, so the product offer could be sent when it’s perfected.

Among the companies related with food production from subproducts are Poballe and Muns. Among the companies related with feed production and distribution are Nanta, Piensos Sol and Nugasur. Among the companies related with livestock technology are Zoitech, Provimi and Cefetra.

in addition, contacts with different livestock companies were arranged, so it could help to improve LCFEED’s position on the market. 

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