International Symposium in Brasil
15 of September of 2019

Carlos Fernández, partner of the LLCF project attended the International Symposium on Animal Nutrition held in Belo Horizonte (Brazil).

The International Symposium on Energy, Protein, Metabolism and Nutrition (ISEP) was first organized (2003) in Rostock-Warnemunde, Germany. It has a participation of about 200 attendees from around the world interested in energy and protein metabolism, and animal nutrition. Because accurate understanding of these aspects of animal biology is crucial for animal health, sustainable animal production, and the health of consumers of animal products.

From the Polytechnic University of Valencia, a summary was prepared according to the indications of the congress so that the work entitled “Orange Leaves and Rice Straw in the Diet of Lactating goats: Effect on Energy Balance” was accepted. Once the study was accepted by the 6th ISEP 2019, an informative poster was made that was shown during the congress.The work that refers to the Life Low Carbon Feed Project shows the previous results regarding the energy balance of the diets with rice straw and orange leaf in lactating goats. In addition to reducing the methane emissions obtained in the lactation phase using the diet based on the reuse of orange leaf and rice straw compared to a control diet.

During the breaks and especially in the poster session, different attendees present at the congress showed their interest in the Life LowCarbon Feed project as well as the results that were being obtained.

The submitted summary appears published in the Book of Proceedings of the Congress as a publication, since it has ISSN (0071-2477).

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