03 of December of 2017

The forum that took place on November 28, 2017 in Valencia was attended by several members of the LCFEED consortium.
The meeting was attended by José Segarra Murria and Juan Jorro from the Low Carbon Economy Foundation, and Sara Cerdá Román from Airatec Biomass. In it, several conferences related to opportunities for financing projects in the circular economy, technologies, products, processes and good practices for the industry in the circular economy were attended.


Likewise, the LIFE LOWCARBON FEED project was promoted in the stans of companies such as Casa De Comercio Agua Vida Sana, Ciclo Verde, Department of Agriculture, Environment, Climate Change and Rural Development, ECOEMBES, Entitat Metropolitana per al Tractament de Residuos (EMTRE), FACSA , FOBESA, Global OMNIUM, LIFE Ecodigestion, RECIPLASA Reciclados de Residuos La Plana and TETMA.

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