Visit for the Sustainability Plan of the Project in Italy
23 of July of 2019

Area Europa visits Reggio-Emilia, Italy, to meet the expert in animal feed and biomass Teresa Pacchioli

Eva Merloni has met Teresa Pacchioli, current head of the agri-food sector of CRPA (Animal Production Research Center) and animal feed and biomass expert. Dr. Pacchioli coordinates several European projects related to the themes of the LIFE Low Carbon Feed project, among which are the LIFE Forgae4Climate and LIFE Climate ChangE-R.

During the visit, after a presentation to update the project results, Dr. Pacchioli explained the operation of the livestock sector in Italy and provided importante advice on data to consider for the development of the Sustainability Plan and the relevant actors in Emilia-Romagna, Italy

One of the aspects that stood out was the importance of including the prices for the raw materials in the Sustainability Plan, since after its transformation it will become the main ingredient in the new rumiant diet.

In addition to this, the relevance of having technical sheets of the products to be promoted was mentioned, including  information regarding the organoleptic and nutricional facts for their commercialization in the market.

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