Visit for replicability and transferability in Vienna
04 of October of 2019

Area Europa meets with the heads of the Austrian Agricultural Cluster and AGROVET, two relevant companies in the goat and sheep sector and within the framework of certification systems for agricultural products.

Area Europa, project partner and responsible for replicability and transferability actions in Low Carbon Feed project in Europe, has visited the Austrian capital austriaca to meet Roland Traferner, head of sheep and goat sector of the Austrian Agricultural Cluster, and with AGROVET, a company that certifies agricultural products.

The Austrian Agricultural Cluster is the export-oriented Association of the most innovative Austrian producers of agricultural, food processing and renewable energy technologies. The company cluster was founded in 1999, within the Export Promotion Program of the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management and of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce. The cooperation with the memberships of Universities and Federal Agricultural Institutes for Research, Education and Economics, enables a broad platform of scientific knowledge and practice-oreinted solutions.

The rumiant sector in Austria is increasing with, aproximately, a total of 60,500 farms that keep about 2.0 million heads of cattle, of which about 756,000 are cows. Especially for mountain farmers milk and cattle production constitute the major sources of income.

They expressed their interest in the LIFE Low Carbon Feed project, declaring their availability to buy the products once in the European market.



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