Sustainability Plan of Capritema S.L.
30 of January of 2019

On November 2, the veterinary technical director of Unión de Productores de Caprino (Uniproca), Manuel Romero Huelva, is going to meet the majors of the Capritema S.L. company, Juan Antonio and Ismael.

The meeting was held at the Capritema facilities, in the municipality of Consuegra (Toledo) for the supervision of the just beginning sustainability plan (action C.4).

Acordding with the veterinarian, the animals present a good consumption of LCFEED feed, with a good general status and rest.


Afterwards, Manuel visited the nearby farms of UNIPROCA partners to the municipalities of Villahermosa and Almodóvar del Campo (Ciutat Reial)

The purpose of these additional visits will be the personal information about the objectius and the evolution of the LIFE Low Carbon Feed project, and the invitation to collaborate on the proper any with pilot farms.

Graphic artist Vicent Ramírez will attend that meetings, for the filming of the project’s documentary (action E.1: Communications).

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