News related to the communication of project LIFE Low Carbon Feed.

Brussels GreenWeek 2018
14 of December of 2018

Few partners from project Low Carbon Feed travelled until Brussels between 22th and 24th May to assist to brussels Green Week “Green cities for a Greener Future“, organized by European Comission.

This event is very important due that its diversity of conference and its assistance of 600 people, included some featured speakers.

Green Week Life Low Carbon Feed


These projects were interesting for project Low Carbon Feed in order to give more ideas, theories and technics from european collegues, specially:

  • Cities in transtion to a Circular Economy
  • Greener Cities though smart public procurement
  • Nature in the city 
  • Food strategies for grenner cities
  • Fiancing solutions for a sustanbile cities
  • Green cities generate less waste
  • Sustainable urban water planning
  • Air quality in cities

Morover, assistance in this project allowed partners to exchange experiences and opinions with interesting people and to expose project Low Carbon Feed through brochures in different languages.

Green Week Life Low Carbon Feed


Discover all related to Green Week in the following link

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